Qur'anic Confirmation of the Ten Commandments

  1. There is but one universal God. 7:19
  2. No one (or nothing) is like unto Him 2:11
  3. Do not use God's name in falsehood in your oaths. 2:224
  4. Be kind to your parents and address them in terms of honor. 17:23
  5. Thieves, male or female, are to have their their hands cut off, except that they repent and
  6. reform. Then God is forgiving and Merciful. 5:38-39
  7. Those who lie invoke Divine wrath, so do those who conceal truth
  8. As one kills one person, one kills is in effect the whole mankind. 5:
  9. Do not come near adultery for it is an indecent deed, leading to other evils. 17:32
  10. Do good to your neighbors, (among others) 4:36
  11. When summoned to Friday Prayer (Salat Jumu'a) hasten to the remembrance of God.
  12. Leaving a side your business (for the time) 62:9